Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ireland - Mom and Me

OK. I have to include one "touristy-people shot"! Here's one of mom and me just before our scrumptious five-course meal at Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara.

Check out that view from our window! This dining experience has now been put on my list
of all-time favorites. That list includes places with gorgeous views and fabulous food.

Ireland - Cottages

And I can't forget the cottage window shots!

Ireland - Scenery

It was pretty hard to choose images for this category since I have about 200+ scenery shots! I may put more on here later, but these will give you an idea of the spectacular beauty of Ireland!

Ireland - Flora

I was amazed at all the flowers still in bloom in Ireland. Because of all the rain they had during the summer, and the relatively mild temperatures, the flowers were still very vibrant.

Most of these photos were taken in the walled Victorian Garden at Kylemore Abbey, up in the Connemara area. Check out the link to see more about this fascinating place.

I put these three photos through
the watercolor and drybrush
filters in Photoshop.

Calligraphic Ivy!
This ivy was growing up the walls of Ballynahinch Castle, where my mom and I stayed for two nights. An exquisitely beautiful place!!!

Speaking of ivy, I love when it grows out of little cracks in rocks.

Ireland - Calligraphy

As I mentioned in my post before leaving for my trip, I wasn't planning to see a lot of calligraphy while in Ireland. The famous stuff, like the Book of Kells, is on the east side of the country, and we were spending all our time on the west coast. But, as you can see here, I did come across a few examples.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ireland - Castles and Architecture

Ireland - Ruins

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from Ireland, with many interesting (I hope!) photos. It's going to take me a while to get them all loaded, so here's the first installment, entitled "Ireland - Ruins".

I can't tell you how many times I stopped to take pictures at ruins, stone walls, castles, Celtic crosses, and cemeteries. They're everywhere! And so many interesting shapes and angles. It was difficult to pare the images down. Here are a few samples.

This carved cross was on the wall of a "beehive hut" on the Dingle Peninsula. This hut is in an area of ringforts, some of the most numerous of monuments in Ireland. These were enclosed farmsteads from the Early Christian Period, which dates from around 400-800 AD.
This photo is of the Gallutus Oratory, also on the Dingle Peninsula. It is approximately 1300 yrs. old. Because of it's sloping sides, and tight-fitting structure, the building is still waterproof after several centuries of being buffeted by the Atlantic winds. Amazing!

Detail of the carving around a window at the Kilmalkedar Church ruins. It dates to the 12th century AD. The images below are all from Kilmalkedar Church as well.

From left to right: 1) an Ogham stone, dated 7th or 8th century; 2 & 3) two different views of a Celtic alphabet stone, dated the same; 4) an early sundial, same date.