Monday, April 19, 2010


Here are two more photos of Janice doing the suminagashi technique. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the finished papers. But trust me, they're gorgeous!


I love these next photos. They show Janice doing a beautiful job of laying ink on the surface of the water. One of her brushes has sumi ink on it. The other, a mixture of water and PhotoFlow, which is used to keep water spots off of photographs that are being printed in a traditional darkroom setting. In this particular use, it causes the ink to disperse, opening up a clean area of water that is ready for the next dot of sumi ink. Very interesting process to watch! Janice then laid a piece of very thin rice paper down onto the surface of the water and came up with the gorgeous sheet you see on the right. Janice had done suminagashi before, so she came prepared with a dowel rod that is used for lifting the very thin sheets of paper off of the water.

Marbleizing and Suminagashi

Sorry for doing these in separate posts. My blog editor is acting strangely and I can't seem to place more than two photos in a post without weird things happening!

This next group of photos is of Rita doing the marbleizing technique and her finished paper after she swirled the colors. Very nice, huh?!

More Marbleizing/Sumingashi Photos

As promised, here are more photos of our play date together. I actually like the photos of the inks/paints in the water better than how our papers actually came out. As I mentioned below, we were using different materials (for the marbleizing) other than what are used for the traditional process. I think the suminagashi technique turned out better.

The photo on the left is of Rita placing the colors on the surface of a mixture of water and methyl cellulose. The photo on the right is the finished paper, after she swirled the colors together and placed the paper on the surface. One of the mistakes we made was using textured paper towels to blot our prints, as you can see in this photo.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Creative Play Date!

These creative play dates seem to be turning into a habit! Some friends of mine from the Chicago Calligraphy Collective gathered this past week in my friend Cathy's lovely studio to do some suminagashi and marbleizing techniques. We found some simple instructions on the Dick Blick website, under a section for educators. The techniques were simplified for children, so, in the case of marbleizing, we didn't use the traditional oil paints; instead we used watered-down acrylics. We also experimented with various papers, from construction paper to better-grade archival papers.

It really was a trial-and-error experience. One of the women (Luce) had done traditional marbleizing and found our experience to be a bit of a frustration. The materials didn't work like she had been used to. (We did determine that all of us wanted to try the real thing at a later date.) But, all in all, we had a great time playing and getting messy! :-)

Here are two of our finished pieces, just to whet your appetite. I'll post a few more photos later. Enjoy!

Suminagashi technique

Marbleizing technique

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet Artist Shannon Martin Wilson!

I found Shannon's beautiful website and blog after she became a follower of my blog. She is an artist, calligrapher and jewelry designer whose work just makes my heart sing.

Shannon describes her work "as a spiritual pursuit on canvas—sometimes peaceful, sometimes uncertain. Her art speaks of those places in between confusion and hope, guilt and redemption, doubt and belief. She is a student of calligraphy and a lover of words, and most of her newer canvases are but a stage on which image and text dance. Her seminary training and love for God is obvious in the words she chooses. It is her hope that through her art a soul-awakening conversation can take place between artist and viewer."

Please check out her sites by clicking on the orange words above. You won't be disappointed!

This piece is titled "Solstice".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharpie Poster Paint Markers

I just received some great news from fellow blogger and artiste extraordinaire Marie! The Sharpie Poster Paint Markers can be refilled!!!! (I love these things!)

Here's how:
All you have to do is gently pull the nib off. It seems to comes out quite easily. I used a syringe to fill it with Ziller ink and then popped the nib back in. You can feel the nib 'catch' when it is seated correctly. That's it. The Ziller seems to work well and has a very similar coverage to the poster paint!

Thanks for the tip, Marie! Readers, click on Marie's name above to check out her amazing art.