Thursday, September 16, 2010

The CCC Hosts a Day of Tiny Workshops

Last Saturday, the Chicago Calligraphy Collective tried a new thing and hosted a day of tiny workshops. There were ten to choose from: five in the morning and five in the afternoon; and each were three hours, with a break for lunch in between.

Well, the day turned out to be a great success, with lots of new members and new non-members coming out to get a sampling of "the art of beautiful writing"! It really was a great way to introduce people to calligraphy, without them feeling too overwhelmed by a full-blown workshop.

I had the privilege of teaching one of the workshops, called "Monoline Play". And play we did! I had each student analyze and trace a worksheet of skeletal Roman forms and then we began distorting those forms, as well as "bouncing" and rotating them on the page. We also tried some monoline cursive lettering. We looked at the negative space in and around those forms, as well as the space that's created on the page once you've placed the letters on it. Then we tried some exercises to enhance that space through either color or value. It was a lot to cover in only 3 hours, but as you'll see from some of these examples, I had some really talented people in my class. (I apologize for the blurry photos. Seems it's time for a new digital camera!!!)

Here's a great practice sheet, and a couple of other pieces, done by Stacey, who happens to be a professional calligrapher. Check out her website here to see more of her beautiful work!

Then there are these wonderful pieces by the amazing Rosie!

These next two pieces were done by the very talented Janice!

This next example was done by Jeannie, one of our very enthusiastic new members. Pretty nice, isn't it?!!!

This piece was done by Ellie, who got very creative with her letterforms!

This piece was done by Jan, who is a brand-new member of the CCC. I love the bright colors she used in the piece.

And last, but not least, is this little beauty by Louise. I really like the way she used the colors here.

Didn't they all do such a wonderful job?