Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Look for the CCC - Part 2

This is the front cover of our newly-designed newsletter. The 8-page newsletter is produced in black and white sent as a physical copy to all our members. However, we are toying with the idea of creating a color version and making it available in pdf form on our website.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Look for the CCC!

Another one of my projects (over the past year-and-a-half) has been to "brand" the Chicago Calligraphy Collective. "Branding" is a process that creates a cohesive look for a company or organization, so that every promotional piece lets the viewer know it's from that specific company. We began the process of branding the CCC with a new brochure back in 2009.

(front cover of brochure)

Last year, we did new stationery and some promotional pieces.
(letterhead on left; notecard on right)


Banner (at right).

This year, we launched our new website. Check out our new look at (FYI: I only designed the look of the website, NOT the functionality of it. We hired a web company for that.) There are still a few bugs to work out and we need to transition over to our new webmaster to get information updated, but overall, it's ready to go.

Stay tuned for a peek at our new newsletter!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pointed Pen Practice

So, after realizing that I needed
some practice with that
pointed pen, I did this sheet.
I had some orange gouache
and a little gold gouache left
in a pan, so I mixed them together
and wrote on some black paper.

Now I see that I need a LOT
more practice!

Where is Jane Farr when I
need her???? :-)

Batik Piece with Writing

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I've got some new things to share with you, so I'll be posting quite a bit in this next week or so. The first one is a piece that I showed you earlier. I did the tree in Carol Pallesen's batik workshop. It took a while to decide what I wanted to write and I finally came up with this. (Words are mine.)

After writing it with a pointed pen and white gouache, I realized that the pointed pen is NOT one of my strengths. :-)