Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Envelope Job Completed!

Envelopes done! The bride wanted a casual, Ralph Lauren-ish look to go with the d├ęcor of the location where the ceremony will be held. The facility is near the Indiana Dunes, hence the dune grass motif. The lettering was done in a dark, walnut ink script for the names; and a dark brown fine point marker for the address. Both the script and printing were done to match her invitations. And the dune grass was done in moss green gouache. Here is a finished sample.


Kathy McCreedy said...

STUNNING!!! I love the simplicity, which I know was not SIMPLE to acheive (maybe for you, but definitely not for me!!!). You and your work SIMPLY rock!!!

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks, Kathy! And no, YOU ROCK! :-)

So nice seeing you at TW!