Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Calligraphy Classes - Part 1

Here is a description of my upcoming introductory calligraphy class. For registration info please visit my website here to download the flyer.

Introduction to the “Art of Beautiful Writing”

Tuesdays, January 15–February 19
A: 10am–1pm  |  B: 6–9pm
6 weeks, 3 hours per week - adults (12 yrs. and up)
$135 (fee includes all materials)

Wednesdays, January 16–February 20
A: 10am–1pm  |  B: 3:30–5pm
6 weeks, 1.5 hours per week - students (9 yrs. and up)
$75 (fee includes all materials)

Registration deadline: January 8


Saturday, March 16
One-day workshop (adults)
$75 (fee includes all materials)

Registration deadline: March 4

This is like Calligraphy Appreciation 101! In this class, students will get an overview of the fascinating world of calligraphy, from historical manuscripts to the modern-day lettering arts. We will be inspired by different calligraphic hands found in the many works we’ll view, and then we’ll get to experiment with the tools that the masters’ used to create those works.

There will be plenty of demonstrations and one-on-one instruction. Students will get to try new tools, different hands, all sorts of beautiful papers, and various media. Our time together will be fun, informative and not at all threatening, and maybe even a bit messy!

Rather than producing a finished piece, students will come away with a variety of samples that will help them begin exploring ways to create new works on their own time. This is a great class to whet your appetite for the world of letters! And that world is going to blow your mind!

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